Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review

Discover the unique blow job toy

Between ourselves, who´s not dead keen on a really well-done blow job. Every guy loves it when they can get professionally done blow job. But what, if there´s nobody around who can give you a blow job? No male sex toy ever could replace mankind. Never ever. Up to now. And here we go and proudly present the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust Review. It´s available in blue ice and copper and will do the probably best blow job you ever got. It offers you the best oral sex a sex toy ever will. A very satisfying and realistic alternative to real oral sex. But what is the difference to other toys, what makes the Turbo Thrust so authentic and unique? Once more, the secret lies within. 

The secret within the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust

As you already know, the Fleshlights always consists of a case and an inner sleeve. And here we go. The sleeve is what it is actually all about. It is anatomically constructed like a mouth with its tongue and throat. The orifice is different from the other toys designed neutrally. There´s no butt, mouth or lady orifice. But the pleasure begins within. When penetrating the Turbo Thrust it a life-like feeling of penetrating a mouth. You can feel the same, the lips, the tongue, and the throat. The feeling is like never before, with the neutral orifice and the exclusive texture on the inside. For you, the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust means a new level of satisfaction besides the familiar paths. 

What´s in there?

When you order the best blow job toy, then you will receive a Fleshlight with a clear Turbo Case, the original Thrust orifice and the Thrust sleeve. The total size of the toy is 9.75,” and the insertable length is 8.5” full of intense feelings. For your convenience, the instructions for usage and care are included. You only have to opt for the blue ice or the copper version. For the ultimate experience, we recommend using every Fleshlight with lube. Perhaps you wanna try the Fire & Ice Package. It contains both of the two Fleshlubes, fire and ice. The fire one is titillating you with its warmth, the ice teases you with its coolness. Both are a thrilling and stimulation you, especially in combination with your Thrust. 

Interactive deep throat?

Perhaps you have already heard or read about the ultimate interactive sexual experience – the Fleshlight launch. It enables you to dive into the virtual world right with your sex toy by the hand. It´s possible to connect the standard Fleshlights to the internet and activate a 100% virtual and interactive adventure. No matter if you connect the device with your flames computer or if you enjoy an encoded video. There´s so much possible. But, bad news so far, there´s no virtual blow job – yet. Please pay attention, that the Turbo Thrust is not fitting to the ultimate Launch experience, because it´s only suitable to every case in standard size. There´s a wide range of Fleshlights operating with the Launch. 

The history behind

Let´s make a short excursus to the history of the blow job. What´s the definition and the story behind? A blow job, or fellatio – that´s what the correct designation is – means the man´s penis is stimulated orally. The word fellatio goes back to the Latin word “fellare,” which meant “to suck.” Today the fellatio has got many names, they are: blow job, giving head or going down and many more. But they all insinuate the same. Kicking you into a very intimate and mind-blowing sexual experience. But a blow job is not only a blow job. Some points are belonging to a really satisfying experience for both. Of course, when you get a blow job done by your partner, body hygiene is essential. Perhaps you want to start taking a shower together – and if you are afraid of smelling and tasting bad – that´s fine, just help yourself by using a flavored shower gel or a flavored condom. Beside this a going down is a massive vote of confidence – for you and your partner. And using a flavored condom makes the blow job a safer one. 

But besides all the confidence, the unknown taste and the fact of safer sex, there´s also a bit of technique necessary, to do the blowing and sucking in a sexually exciting and satisfying way. Of course, it´s not a competition, so it´s also essential that both of you feel physically and emotionally comfortable, while giving head. 

Here are some precious tips:

Look on a blow job like on a game, both of you should discover whether you like something or not. The most sensitive part of the penis is the glans, the head of the penis with its indentation between the head and the underside of the penis, called frenulum. Quite an anatomic job, isn´t it? But there are many more erogenous zones, which are worth discovering with the tongue. You can guide your partner to tease you with the tongue along the inner tights, the penis itself, the perineum (lots of men love being spoiled here by the tongue), the testicles and the scrotum of course. But enough talking about anatomic features. Let´s talk about blow job facts.

The blow job facts

Start with your tongue and don´t hesitate to use lots of salivae. It will feel like a natural lube, which creates a really fantastic feeling. That´s why you should always use your Fleshlight Turbo Thrust whit lots of lube, the icy or the hot one. There´s no choice with your partner’s saliva. But it will feel great because due to the lube or spit, there´s a suction effect which even intensifies the sexual arousal. Although it´s called oral sex, don´t hesitate to use your hand to indulge all the erogenous zones at the same time your tongue does. When practicing oral sex, either with a partner or with a Turbo Thrust, there´s only one rule: all is permitted that pleases. 

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