The Penis Enlargement Bible Review – What you need to know

What is “The Penis Enlargement Bible”?

There´s a very successful digital program out there, which already improved the lives of over 15.000 men. It´s a two-step program to get a growth in the length of the penis and leads to more confidence, better sex life and increases the attraction towards women. It guides you through the natural penis growth techniques, by only using your both hands. No extras needed. The program promises a gain of length between 2” to 4”, and even a plus of 1” in circumference, including a better self-confidence and sex life. But different to lots of other programs it doesn´t make empty promises, it´s honest with its clients and clarifies: the growth of the penis takes time, more time than your patience allows, but the growth in length will happen. It will take time, but it will happen. And with this growth of length, the confidence will increase as well. See the first results after 4 weeks, and see significant effects after 8 weeks. 

Just to make sure, that the program works, there´s a 60 days risk-free 100% money back guarantee. There´s no rub in it. Feel free to check it out. No pills, no empty promises. The program includes two steps. Step one is a biochemical one. It activates the penis´ growth receptors, the same, which are active during puberty. And the second part of the program is merely an exercise, regular exercise with your hands. These two steps in common lead to a growth in length, because the erectile tissue can be filled with more blood during the erection. As a result, the penis will be thicker, larger and even more potent than ever before. 

Get to know all the facts about enlarging your penis 

They are out there, somewhere, and perhaps you are part of them. You are part of those men, who are unhappy and vigorously shaken by the size of their penis. Being dissatisfied with his penis means not only “being unhappy with my penis”. The problem is much larger and multilayered. Usually, being brave and confident is in man´s nature. In the early days, it was his task to protect the family and bring the mammoth into the cave. He was head of the family and nobody ever doubted. But times were hard, too. The weak and small fell victim to the evolution due to the survival of the fittest – and the largest penis. Lucky you, these times are definitely over. Today there are still men suffering from supposed too small penises, they´re missing self-confidence, especially when she invites you to come with her for only a coffee, after a romantic evening. Today, evolution will no longer sort you out. Discover the best tips to enlarge your penis. And here we go: 

Surgical penis enlargement with hyaluronic acid

When you are really suffering from the size of your penis, perhaps you want to think about going to a urologist, specialized on surgical penis enlargements. The Internet provides you a lot of information about a trustful surgeon near you. But, what are the possibilities, when opting for a surgical solution for the problem of a short penis? As always there´s more than just one answer. The range is from only injecting something up to a real surgical procedure. Let´s start with the injection. Today almost every wrinkle is padded with hyaluronic acid.

Meanwhile, even the gum can be upholstered by using a minimal amount of hyaluronic acid. Back to the penis, when you inject the acid into the penis, it will gain length and girth. It´s an entirely safe way of enlarging. No incision, no grain, and almost no pain and side effects. The result lasts up to 12 months, then a further treatment is necessary. The size of the erected penis though cannot be influenced by these injections. 

The real surgical penis enlargement

Today there you can enlarge your penis by a surgical treatment at least optically. Some men really suffer from their too small penis, although the love play is definitely satisfying for the partner. For a satisfying love play, you definitely need more than a huge dick. But – besides this additional information, let´s go back to the surgical enlargement. The penis consists anatomically of an outer, visible and an inner part, which isn´t visible from the outside. It´s the surgeon’s task to expose the inner part of the penis and due to this uncovering the length of the penis increases for some inches. To be realistic, you can gain 1.2 – 2.4” of additional length. The surgical procedure is not that invasive, because it can be done in a minimally invasive way. The incision is about 1.5” and the grain will later be covered by pubic hair. Nevertheless – it´s a surgical treatment with all the risks and side effects like it´s with every other surgical procedure. Just think about these facts before making your decision. Perhaps, there´s another solution for your problem. 

Manual Penis Enlargement Training

When surgical treatment is no solution for you, then think about tackling the small penis with persistent manual training. There are some exercises, which can enlarge the penis, due to a stretching of the ligaments holding the penis inside the pelvis. There are exercises for an additional length and an extra girth. See, what your hands can do for you. When you want to solve the problem with manual training, then be sure to exercise often enough and with the necessary amount of patience. Treat your little friend in a nice and friendly way. Don´t exaggerate the training by applying too much force. The overpowering force leads to small micro tears, which can bring the possibility of serious injury. So start soft and smooth with your manual treatment. Just ask Dr. Google about some training possibilities, such as the Jelqing Exercises. 

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