Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review

Fleshlight STU – Train your stamina & Enjoy the experience

Every man – let´s be honest – every man knows about the trouble of premature ejaculation. Imagine you´re out on the first date, with a really juicy and cutie girl. Then you should go on reading our Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit Review. You´ve been waiting for the date so long and when it works well for you – sooner or later – you are going to land in bed with her. There´s none who won´t wish for staying power, although she´s a hottie. When feeling the tightness and the wet of her vagina for the first time, while her beautiful boobs dancing in front of your face – it´s hard to hold back for more than 45 seconds. Poor devil! If she´s a lady, she will never mention that incident once more, but perhaps you never see her again. But – lucky you – there is actually a way of training for better endurance. Training? For a longer standing? Exact, because nobody needs to be a minute man. Just as training for a marathon or improving any other kind of skill, just can also train the nerves of your penis to stand the stimuli much longer, before ending. The Stamina Training Unit can also lead you to the best sexual performance you ever had, and additionally, it will intensify and magnify your orgasm. Win-win for each of you. That´s why the Fleshlights Stamina Training Unit is one of the ultimate bestsellers along the entire Fleshlight product range. Let´s see how the training really works.


Picture of the stamina training unit from fleshlight

The Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit – behind the scenes

As we already told you, the Fleshlight Stamina training unit is one of them – or if not even the bestseller – along with all the different kinds of male masturbators. Because with sex, it´s like with any other type of training: only practice makes it perfect. That´s what the Stamina Training Unit´s intention is. It helps you to become the long man standing you always wanted to be. But, there´s no progress without exercise. From the outside, the sex toy, looks like all the other Fleshlights, too. The masturbator has a standard case in the size of 9.75” and a sleeve with an insertable length of 8.5”. The sleeve within the case is exclusively available with Fleshlight masturbators, only those feel like real skin, due to the SuperSkin surface. Every sleeve is designed differently on the inside. And here comes the special training into play. The interior of the Stamina Training Unit is constructed to keep up for a longer time – next time in bed. If you take the sleeve and turn it inside out, perhaps to clean it soberly, you can see, that the whole sleeve consists of lots of balls along the surface. The balls, also called bumps, have the task to give your penis a little massage, while thrusting in and outside, and imitate the sensation of real sexual intercourse. When practicing very often, your performance endures, and it protects yourself against premature discontinuation – next time when it gets right down to the wire. That´s why there are over 2 million satisfied Stamina Training Unit customers – in the full sense of the word.

The enduring performance

The sleeve of the toy is not only very bumpy on the inside, which alone already means a significant challenge, no, additionally it´s an extremely tight sleeve. Combine these facts, and you create the ultimate challenge for every man. And those of you out there, who are really convinced by themselves to be right in training – let´s check it out. The experiences show that in the beginning, no man can last longer than 10 minutes with the masturbator, due to the combination of the bumps and the tightness within. But, hey, athlete, take up the challenge and win the race. When you can stand the Stamina Training Unit for 10 minutes, you can stand for about 20-30 minutes in real life. But it´s not only about the thrusting, a more extended performance demands even more than just a simple in and out. There are several techniques, such as breathing techniques which helps you to prolong the orgasm. And the best: the Fleshlight comes with an entire training and usage guide to you. No pesky searching for the ultimate breathing and thrusting techniques on the internet. Besides – no friend will tell or even know about. The Stamina Training Unit has it all. Just start and improve your performance today – and the next race is up to you.

The Stamina itself

The device length is 10 inches but only fits a 9-inch penis at the max high, and weighs roughly 1.5 pounds, which is extremely light-weight and convenient. When you opt for a Stamina Training Unit, you can choose between two different orifices. There´s a Lady and a Pure orifice, as they call it. On the inside, they are all the same, staffed with the bumping stamina sleeve. Besides the single packages, which only includes the Fleshlight itself and the Stamina Training guide. Perhaps you call the adds already your own, then the single pack will suffice. Otherwise, you can opt for one of the available packages, containing the masturbator with either a Lady or the Pure orifice and some additional extras. A really handy accessory is the Shower Mount, which is included in the Lady Stamina Pack. The shower is one of the best ways the improve the performance, it´s warm, and it´s relaxing, what an invitation. The Shower Mount not only fits on the Stamina, but also on most of the other toys, perhaps used not for training, but just for fun. Another huge package is the Super Stamina Training Unit Combo. It comes with the toy itself, a bottle of 8 oz. Fleshlube Water – you are always well advised to use all of the Fleshlight toys with the right amount of lube, renewing powder, which keeps the SuperSkin surface soft and smooth.

Additionally, there´s some FleshWash, the care and usage instructions, the Shower Mount – we already mentioned it, and besides all these extras, even a sleeve warmer is included. The sleeve warmer is one of the best-selling add-ons. It enables you to preheat your sleeve – whichever – to body temperature, for a most natural sensation in male sex toys ever.

Need some more help?

Fleshlight has a solution for every kind of possible problem. No erection? No problem! Opt for the FleshPump Performance Pack and the Stamina toy will come with start-up support, the FleshPump. Without using any force or pressure, and easy to handle by using two different buttons – pump and release, it slowly draws blood into your penis. Due to the automatic vacuum system, the penis becomes erect. And the best – it´s all happens automatically, no need for cumbersome hand pumping. Combine the FleshPump with the Stamina Training Unit, and nothings gonna stop you because the best tools are with you.

Love it interactive?

Perhaps you have a high affinity for technology and the virtual part of the internet. Here we go, the next pack is waiting for you. And as always, it´s compatible with most of the other Fleshlight standard toys, but read user’s manual first. The next combo is the VStroker STU package. It combines the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit with the virtual VStroker. Never heard about it? Just adapt the gadget to your Fleshlight and connect it with your MAC or PC. And that´s what you can do with the device: it enables you to monitor your performance. Every single stroke, including the speed, is followed and wirelessly transmitted to your computer. Not only tracking your mental and physical fitness, but also your sexual performance. But still, not enough, the VStroker comes along with three interactive videos and even five Stamina Training videos. The control is up to you, from the tease to tempo, as well as the stroke length, until you lead the virtual game with the hottest girls to the climax. The course of the training is in your hands.

Now, to sum it up, there´s more than just one good reason to pick a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit even this very day. Take the chance and turn from minute to the standing man – with a little help from your friend.

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