Fleshlight Quickshot Review

Introducing the Fleshlight Quickshot

Let´s take a closer look at one of the smallest toys Fleshlight offers. It´s time to make a complete Fleshlight Quickshot review because this masturbator is very versatile and the best buddy traveling with. There are some differences between the single models, which needs to get you into the details about every masturbator and combo. There are some really handsome combos available with the Quickshot toy – adds to use it while taking a shower or adds to preheat the sleeve before. The toy is short but really flexible, so let´s take a look at all the single features and possibilities. In general, you can differ between the Quickshot Vantage™ and the Quickshot Boost™, both are solo available, but also perfect parts of different combos. 

The Quickshot in general

No matter if you pick a Vantage or a Boost, the principle is always the same, the maximum pleasure also. The Quickshot toys are the shortest Fleshlights available – it´s only half the size the usual toys are, and the only ones with two orifices, one on each end. This point makes these masturbators much more versatile, than the other standard Fleshlights. Due to its second orifice, you can use the sex toy like the other Fleshlights for a solo masturbation aid, but also with your partner as an additional toy during the love play. Use it during blow jobs to put an extra stimulation on top, for the ultimate orgasm ever. You can handle the toy yourself or relinquish the control entirely to your partner. Just devote yourself to your partner and the love play. Due to its second end, it´s also possible to direct the final result in every direction you or your partner wants. It´s not tucked away in an entirely closed sleeve. The hygiene is another point, the cleaning of the Quickshots is simple and straightforward. Just swallow it with warm water and a small amount of the Fleshlight cleaning liquid to keep the patented SuperSkin™ surface smooth and sober. 

The Quickshot Vantage™

The Fleshlight Quickshot Vantage is a short and handy but never the less very effective sexual masturbator. The size is – different to the standard sized ones – only 4.4” and the insertable length is 3.5”, with an orifice on every end – that goes without saying. It´s a perfect take away with you for traveling, because due to its compact size it fits into every suitcase. The toy is made of an entirely clear material, which allows you to watch every moment and every movement during self-satisfaction. When you are already familiar with the sleeves, you know, that every single sleeve is different and leads to another feeling and experience. This sleeve has a grinding and winding screw-like texture. You can follow how the screwy surface just coils around your penis while sending you into a higher atmosphere. For better storage, the Vantage™ comes with two sleeve caps for every end. Besides the clear version, there´s also the other version, which combines a clear case with an ice blue sleeve. 

The Quickshot Boost™

The Fleshlight Quickshot Boost™ has, as well as the Vantage™ one, two orifices. You can also use it for self-satisfaction or during the love play, with the option on a blow job, due to the second orifice. But there is a difference between the two toys. One is the different structure of the sleeve. The sleeve within the Boost™ is not a screwy and grindy one, but its constructed with thick bumps and ribs. The result is that every thrust over a bump or rib will thrill you – for only the best shots. The other difference is the color of the case and sleeve. While the first one comes clear and shiny, the second one has a black case and a unique and polished metallic silver sleeve. Really looks attractive. What´s in common is the time-saving and very easy to handle the cleaning of the toys and the caps for the two sleeves. 

Already excited? Don´t know the combos yet. 

Before we introduce the single combos to you, let´s talk about the single adds which are available for even a more diversified utilization. There´s a sleeve warmer, which makes your Fleshlight the perfect body temperature, for even a more realistic real-life sexual experience. Of course, you can use the Quickshot while showering, all you need is a shower mount adapter as well as the Shower Mount™ itself. For a hot and wet experience. Perhaps you want to try something new, then connect two Quickshots to each other, to create a brand new experience, while penetrating the toys in one and in the other direction. Now, you know all the accessories, available for the Quickshots, just go on dive deeper into the combos. 

Clear Skies Flight Pack

When you love it transparent and watching your member while coming – this is the perfect combo for you. It includes the Fleshlight Flight Aviator, a masturbator with a clear case and a clear sleeve, as well as the Quickshot Vantage, also in a transparent turnout. Additionally, there´s an 8oz Fleshlube included and care and usage instructions. If you want to feel and see the climax -that´s the thing for you.

Quickshot Vantage™/Boost™Pack

The combo mentioned above includes either the Vantage™ or the Boost™ masturbator with sleeve caps, for better storage. A 4 oz Fleshlube as well as a 4 oz toy cleaner comes with this combo. Perhaps you are not satisfied ordering only small combos, here are the ultimate Fleshlight Quickshot combos for every occasion and preference.

The Quickshot Ultimate Combo Pack

Perhaps you love the alternation and the varieties in using a sex toy, then discover the next package. There´s everything included what the Quickshot market has to offer, for lots of different sexual experiences, an offer for nearly every adventure. The set consists of a clear Quickshot Vantage™ as well as a black and silver Boost™, a sleeve warmer, for an even more realistic sensation, a Quick connect, to combine the two masturbator to one single toy, a Shower Mount and a Shower Mount Adapter, a renewing powder for the SuperSkin™ sleeve, FleshWash for a better cleaning of the shots. Besides all of these extras, there are three different lubes, all 4oz: Fleshlube Water, Fleshlube Fire, for a hot and Fleshlube Ice for a thrilling cold experience. 

Just give it a go, and you will experience an entirely new flight with your aviator. 

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