Fleshlight Launch Review – It’s A Man’s World

Discover the Fleshlight Launch – the ultimate sex toy for real guys

If you’ve always been a fan of Fleshlight products – then you’ll love the Fleshlight Launch. There will be no other option but to treat yourself with this particular device. And let me say this to you: it will be hotter than you ever dared to dream. The progress of the Internet and technology is unstoppable. Again and again, the companies are thinking up new devices and features to make our lives a little more appealing or exciting. And so it was only a matter of time before modern technology entered the world of male sex toys. And even more than that. It came as a real bombshell and raised the world of male sex toys to the next level. Now, if you’re wondering if it´s really that different and novel, then just take a look at my Fleshlight Launch Review, and you’ll know what we’re talking about within seconds. Much more. You won’t wait to order one for yourself.

Fleshlight Launch – Taking the game to a whole new level

The Fleshlight Launch makes it possible to spoil you fully automatically. And what is your task? Sit back and enjoy. To give you a complete and comprehensive impression of the new Fleshlight Launch, we’d better do first things first. Afterward, you will know about the features and possibilities, which the new sex toy for men provided by Fleshlight can offer to you. And you will see that there are many ways to enjoy it – if you know what I mean. And I promise you: you will have sex like never before in your life. Whether alone or as a couple, whether automatically or in manual mode. Whether with your partner or online. You will love it. I´ll promise you.



The best interactive male sex toy experience

You need several things to benefit from all the possibilities offered to you. First, you need the Fleshlight Launch, which by itself is not a male sex toy, but an add-on which makes your Fleshlight masturbator interactive. With this device, you have the opportunity to connect your gadget to the internet. The Fleshlight Launch powered by Kiiroo brings your toy to interactive life. You can treat yourself with up to 180 strokes per minute. Sounds tempting? It is. In addition to a fully automated experience, you can also put the Launch in a manual mode. The speed and intensity are up to you – if you want to. In manual mode, it is possible to enjoy up to 180 strokes per minute – or less. You can set the speed and the stroke length yourself. It´s straightforward and intuitive, just by stroking the left side of your Launch for the speed control and the right side to adapt stroke.

You like it hard? No problem. Or maybe you are more after long tender strokes? That is no problem either. You are the man of action. So you need a Fleshlight Launch and a matching Fleshlight masturbator. All masturbators in standard size are compatible with this device. Excepted are the Fleshlight products Turbo, Quickshot, GO, Ice and Flight. These are unfortunately not compatible with the Fleshlight Launch System. But you will see that the selection is still very huge and the perfect lady is waiting right there for you. You also have to take a look at your Fleshlight case. The black, gold, silver, gold, pearl and blue ones are compatible with the Launch.

Suitable for Lovers, Webcam or VR – discover the ultimate interactive sex toy

If you want to treat yourself in an interactive mode, then take advantage of the world of VR and 2D experiences. Devote yourself to this intense sensation of virtual sex. If you like the virtual world, just connect the sex toy to the Internet via Bluetooth to get started. Your Fleshlight Launch is compatible with encoded videos, virtual reality, and online games, and you can also sync it with your webcam.

As I told you in the beginning, it’s exciting, and it’s getting even better because you can also connect the Fleshlight Launch to your VP glasses. Just sit back and let the virtual world set your speed and stroke length. There are many different platforms, which offer the latest encoded films to you. Perhaps you want to get a quick pre-taste over at https://www.feelme.com. With the new touch-control-system, you can comfortably adjust the control. There is only one thing left for you: enjoy the ride!

Fleshlight Launch  – also perfect for long-distance relationships

Maybe you live in a long-distance relationship, and you can only embrace your sweetheart in a few weeks again. These weeks apart from your lover can be damn long and lonely. But there is a new way to get around this. Lucky you! Connect your Fleshlight Launch to the Internet, and you will feel the touch of your lady-love. No matter if it’s just an hour’s drive or a whole ocean between you. With Fleshlight Launch, you can provide relief. Maybe you want to let your girlfriend participate. Meanwhile, there are also interactive sex toys available for her (visit https://www.kiiroo.com/collections/for-her to learn more), to let an intimate experience become a reality even at a distance.

The technical details

Since the Fleshlight Launch is an interactive electronic device, here are all the technical details for you. Let me tell you that it is very straightforward and intuitive to use. Once you hold it in your hand, you will not want to let it go. It is compatible with most Fleshlight masturbators in the standard sizes, and even with the vast majority of VR glasses. It has a wireless Bluetooth connection, which is necessary to experience all the interactive features and makes connecting different devices a breeze.

Of course, it is also easy and fast to load via a USB cable, to avoid annoying handling of batteries, which are empty in the oddest moment of all. You have a one-year warranty and are entitled to a periodic update of the included software. With a password, you can protect a launch from unwanted access. On the web, you will find a lot of platforms, that offer encoded videos and movies to you. There is cooperation with https://www.feelme.com, which supports your electronic device. Here you can freely choose from different genres, depending on your preferences. The Launch is portable and easy to stow. Regular and thorough cleaning with matching care products is mandatory. Care and operating instructions are included. If you have opted for the interactive sex toy, then all you have to do is choose a standard sized Fleshlight, which is compatible with the Launch. And then – let the hottest games ever begin.

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