Fleshlight Ice Review

When I initially looked at the Fleshlight Company, I thought it was preposterous how many devices they offered. And, after testing the first two devices (the Stamina Training Unit and the Fleshlight Go), I didn’t think this company could do anything else. Well, they have shown to be incredibly innovative – as inventive as many technology companies. The third device I got around to testing was the Fleshlight Ice. My first impression was “whoa” – this is a somewhat big device. Furthermore, both the outer hard cover and the sleeve are transparent. Would it be weird to use this thing or would it be another amazing experience? Let’s find out!

Fleshlight ICE review

How it Works:

It’s funny – I was expecting the same experience as the Go device. But, what I got was something entirely different. I noticed something immediately while using the Fleshlight Ice: due to its transparent nature, it heightened my stimulation through my visual and up-close view (essentially POV). Seeing the thrusting back and forth took it to a new level. Climax was reached in less than three (3) minutes the first time it was used. THREE. Beatable? No chance. The transparency is the ultimate x-factor.

The Feel:

When I first tested this device, I originally noticed that the feel was just a bit different from the Fleshlight Go. However, the one big thing I did notice is the incredible suction sensation. After testing it several times, I still came (no pun intended) to this conclusion – that the feel isn’t all that different from the Go but that the suction is ridiculously good! Moreover, as mentioned above – during use, you mentally feel the difference, and this is obviously due to the “visual effects.” Seeing you thrust back and forth on a “vagina” truly enhances the overall experience (and subsequently the mental feel). Moreover, the Fleshlight Ice comes with the unique suction feature – a suction cup at the end of the device. The tighter you twist it the more suction you will experience. This suction also creates a sex-like noise (but you have to set it at just the right place for this to happen), so not only do you get the visual effects from its transparent nature but sex-like audio effects as well. Aside from the Stamina Training Unit, this was one of my most favorite Fleshlight kits.


Like all Fleshlight devices, cleaning is extremely simple. It should not take longer than two to three minutes. First, take the sleeve out of the outer layer. Then soak the device in above average warm water (30-60 seconds) with the Fleshwash soap. Once that is complete place the top of the sleeve (where you insert your penis) under the faucet. Turn the faucet on and let it rinse out the remaining residue for another 30 to 60 seconds. Make sure your faucet has at least somewhat decent water pressure. Additionally, make sure that the sleeve is completely dry prior to storage.


While this device is good for men of all sizes, it is particularly good for larger sized men as it measure in over 10.5 inches in length. It has the ability to hold a 10 inch cock. So if your name is Dirk Diggler, go ahead and try out this device.


There are no shortages of Fleshlight additions on their website. However, this kit is honestly used best on its own. Its visual and audio effects are rivaled by almost no other Fleshlight device. It’s remarkable build and usability is second to none.


Look, this is a bigger device than most other Fleshlight kits. Also, due to its transparent nature and its audio-giving abilities, I was expecting a price north of $80 USD. So when I saw the $55.95 price tag, I was speechless. How could it be even cheaper than the Fleshlight Go? So I contacted Fleshlight and here’s their explanation: they believe this could be a best-selling kit but they acknowledge that many people may at first be skeptical and “weirded out” by its transparent build. So they went rock bottom on their pricing strategy and it has paid off enormously. The Fleshlight Ice is one of the most purchased Fleshlight kits on their site.


Shipping is amazing. There are a variety of shipping options.

  • UPS Ground – 1 to 5 business days
  • UPS 3 Day Select
  • UPS 2nd Day Air
  • UPS Next Day Air
  • International Orders Outside the USA – 2 to 7 business days

Moreover and more importantly, the box is not labeled when it arrives. The driver also will generally leave a note at the door that a delivery was attempted. He/she will not leave the package at the doorstep in almost all cases. And, shipping is free for all orders over $60 USD. Additionally, your financial statements will show ILF Inc.” or “Interactive Life Forms,” rather than “Fleshlight Inc.”

The Bottom Line:

With its transparent build and sensual suction cap, the Fleshlight Ice more than lived up to its reputation. How can any other product beat this device? Not only will you see yourself thrusting into a pocket pussy, you will get the “sex clap” noise from the suction cap, especially if you tighten the grip. Overall, this is a Fleshlight you must own, and I’d go as far as saying that if you are a first time purchaser, buy this device over the Fleshlight STU device.

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