The Heavenly Fleshlight – Discover the Pink Sleeve

The Heavenly Fleshlight
The Jessica Drake Fleshlight
The Story So Far
The Heavenly Fleshlight Sleeve
The Jessica Drake Heavenly Combo
Jessica Goes Interactive With The Fleshlight Launch
The Manual Mode With Jessica

Experience the ultimate Fleshlight Feeling with Jessica Drake 

Let’s talk about an exceptional and very hot combo, waiting right here for you. It is the incredible combination of two products: The Heavenly Fleshlight Sleeve and the Jessica Drake Fleshlight. Both already are one of the top sellers of the brand. They were merged into a combo and even complemented by other extras. An irresistible offer is waiting for you – right here, right now. If you´ve never used any male masturbators before – well, then let me tell you that this is a premium sex toy. It is hard to outdo. If you want to know exactly – and you want to, believe me – then let’s take a closer look at all the single parts in detail. The Fleshlight masturbators are always three variable parts. The shaft, the mouth, and the sleeve. They can all be combined with each other. The result is a unique and very handsome sex toy – with lots of extra features waiting for you.



The Jessica Drake Fleshlight 

Jessica was intense, about having her male sex toy. She is a very permissive person and loves to live her sexuality freely. That’s why their masturbators are available in the Lady and Butt variants. The shaft at Jessica’s Fleshlight Girl comes in innocent white – not suspecting, what´s hidden inside. But the impression is deceptive. Within the pure white case hides a really hot bride: The Heavenly Fleshlight Sleeve. Not for nothing, the combo is irresistible. Jessica is an old hand in the porn business. She can look back on nearly 20 wild and eventful years. Even if you cannot tell by the look. She’s still sexy and hot as hell. Her fans and followers adore the racy Texan Girl. 

The story so far

Before she dedicated herself to the porno business with all her lust and passion, she worked as a dancer. She is awarded almost all the awards available in the porn industry. There are only some awards left. But she will have them all. Jessica loves to live in front of the camera. There are almost no limits, she exceeds them all. The film partners adore her and appreciate her professional performance on the set. Her on-camera experiences include masturbation, all-gender group sex, oral sex, and double penetration. Many people are fascinated by her. You almost feel magically attracted to her, fascinated by her attractive, yet so natural and very sensual way. Anyone who has ever seen a movie starring Jessica Drake wants to watch some more.

Now you know what racy and sensual beauty you get when you choose the Jessica Drake Heavenly Combo. No matter which mouth you want, Lady or Butt, she will treat you intensely. Attention, there is an acute danger of being addicted to the combo. Because in addition to the wonderful mouth of the Fleshlight Jessica has an extraordinary secret. It is the secret of the Heavenly Sleeve.

The Heavenly Fleshlight Sleeve

It’s not for nothing that the sleeve is called Heavenly. It is one of the best-selling sleeves offered by Fleshlight. The Destroya, Mini-Lotus, Super Tight, and Heavenly sleeves are in a head-to-head race for first place as the best-selling sleeve. But – to be honest – the Heavenly Fleshlight Sleeve has an excellent hand to make first place. It is characterized by its unique inner life, which is otherwise found in no other sleeve. This is the arguably most erotic and stimulating variant. Inside hides the secret of the sexy sleeve. A unique combination of waves, ribs, and nubs take you to heavenly heights. You’ll feel like flying when you treat yourself with the heavenly sleeve. Now that you know how unique the sleeve is, it will be a pleasure to discover the Jessica Drake Heavenly Combo. You can imagine, that this is probably the hottest combination since there are Fleshlight masturbators. But what is included in the set?

The Jessica Drake Heavenly Combo – ready to fly?

If you choose the unique set, you should know that it is available at an incredible price at the moment. Being fast is worth it! In a few days, you will receive the following products: the innocent white Jessika Drake Fleshlight with the Lady inlet. Inside the masturbator, you will find the hottest and probably the most sensual sleeve the company has ever made. The Heavenly Fleshlight Sleeve.



Furthermore, you will receive a Fresh & Clean care pack with the combo. It is essential to take care of your sex toys properly. Only then it is possible for the SuperSkin material to retain its silky and soft texture for a long time. The unique and skin-like surface of the sleeves can only be found in the Fleshlight masturbators because it is a registered patent. Only here you get an utterly lifelike feeling. No other masturbator will be able to treat you in this way. 

To have a really great experience, we recommend using every masturbator with water-based lube. A tube of lubrication is already included in the combo. You will also find Care and Usage Instructions, as well as a Fleshlube sample. You see, you really get an irresistible and very exciting combo. Just give it a try! 

If you are already excited, you will be surprised that things get even better. Even better? Definitely! Because the Jessica Drake Heavenly Combo goes interactive. And with this – it´s really getting hot in here. 

Jessica goes interactive with the Fleshlight Launch

Of course, you can connect the masturbator from the combo with the Fleshlight Launch. It fits into the launch brought to life by Kiirroo. This combo is more than hot. In combination with the internet, new sexual possibilities open up for you. Each of the two parts is available separately. They can be used together perfectly. Put your Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight into the launch and attach it. Then you can activate the Launch by connecting it to the internet via Bluetooth. Then you can choose between different options. The Launch is compatible with all interactive sex toys from Kiirroo. You can also connect it to your webcam, VR glasses, and online games. As extra, different platforms offer coded videos, which can be combined with your Fleshlight Launch. They will provide you with real-time experience. If you want a foretaste, visit Girls are inviting you to spend some time with them. You can choose from different channels, according to your preferences. That sounds hot? It definitely is. 



The manual mode with Jessica

In addition to this fully automated mode, you can also run your Launch in manual mode. Then you decide for yourself about the speed and the stroke length. Quite simply by stroking the surface of your interactive sex toys on the right and on the left side. It spoils you with up to 180 strokes per minute. Sounds irresistible? Order your Jessica Drake Heavenly Fleshlight Combo today with the Launch – you’ll love it.

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