Fleshlight Go Review

Your best Fleshlight friend while on the go

The world changed during the last years and became more and more a traveling one. Many people call the world their home. Nobody stays longer in one place or name a house or apartment his home for the entire life. No, people travel, always on the move, and so the idea of an easy to travel with a sex toy was born. In this Fleshlight Go Review, we want to introduce the handy and perfectly storable masturbators made by Fleshlight to you.

Fleshlight Go Review

All the famous products

After all the outstanding products, such as the glorious Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit or the Fleshlight Girls product line, there was an increasing demand for portable male sex toys. A little friend, who can easily be stored in every bag or suitcase. A loyal partner coming along while traveling. The standard toy, such as the Classic ones, is still one of the best-selling products, but a bit unhandy while being on the way. It took quite a short time, to develop the Go series. To cut a long story short: they have got the same compositions as the “big brothers” and also look like the same way as the standard sizes do. There´s only one significant difference. It´s the size of the little guys. Compared to the large ones, they measure only 7″, and the insertable length is 6.5” – the standard sizes are 9.75” and 8.5” – only for a better comparison.

Toys on the go

Like all Fleshlight devices, the Go kit is very easy to use. It comes with a life-like removable sleeve. Both, the top and bottom of the Fleshlight device are easy to unscrew to pull the sleeve out for applying lubricant or for cleaning. Once complete, just place the sleeve back in and twist the caps on both ends shut. The end cap can be loosened or tightened to increase or decrease tightness depending on your preference. Cleaning the Fleshlight Go is a lot easier than people make it out to be. You just pull the sleeve away from the outer encasing and rinse it with constant pressure water. Cleaning it in a sink with relatively strong pressure is just fine. You should use the Fleshlight ‘Fleshwash’ and rinse for 30-60 seconds. Once done, dry the outer sleeve layer and put it back in the encasing. That’s it! One thing to keep in mind: make sure your sleeve is completely dry before putting it back in the case. If you have a blow dryer nearby, use the ‘cold air’ function for extra fast cleaning.

What´s the difference?

The Fleshlight Go is considerably smaller than the regular sized Fleshlight products. The ‘Go’ only measure 8-8.5” in length. So if you are a larger hung man, don’t use this device. Its entry width is 3 inches, and its end width is two inches. If you love it tight, you will enjoy the Fleshlight Go as it wraps extremely close around your penis for the ultimate experience. The case and the sleeve, both are smaller compared to the regular Fleshlight toys.

The choice is up to you!

As with almost every Fleshlight, you can order them as a single pack, without any extras, but you can also opt for a particular package. Sometimes there are some limited special offers, it´s worth picking them quick, very often they are sold out within only a few days. At the moment, there are 6 different “Go” options. One of them is the Go Surge Lady Fleshlight, a masturbator with a smaller case and sleeve and a Lady orifice. If you need some lube, then opt for the Go Surge Lady version, including Fleshwash and Fleshlube – you are always advised to use the masturbators with water-based lubes and do a thorough cleaning afterward. If you don´t have any of both, then choose the Go surge Lady combo. There´s one further Fleshwash/Fleshlube combining combo – it´s the Go Torque Ice Pack. It includes a Fleshlight with a transparent case and sleeve – perfect for watching every single arousing stroke. The orifice has no Lady or Butt design, but it´s modeled just like a torque, which is quite thrilling while penetrating, it almost sucks the penis into the masturbator. No escape. On the go. If the Go Torque Ice is too gauzy for you, then opt for the Go Torque Blue Ice, with the fresh and icy blue sleeve. The interior design of the sleeve is the same.

The ultimate Clear as Ice Pack

Perhaps you want to reward and indulge yourself with a vast Fleshlight Combo, here it is: the Clear As Ice Pack. It includes four masturbators, all with clear cases and sleeves, for the ultimate monitoring experiences. The set consists of the Fleshlight Flight Aviator, for on the Go the Go Torque, the Quickshot Vantage and the Fleshlight Ice with a Lady orifice. Additionally, there is an 8 oz. Fleshlube – Ice – of course, as well as care and usage instructions. Pick this clear and observative combo, and you are really best stuffed. Of course, you can add some further gadgets such as the Shower Mount or the Sleeve warmer. If you love watching yourself, opt for this combo.

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