Fleshlight Flight Review

The ultimate toy for traveling and design lovers

Perhaps you´ve already heard about the unique Fleshlights for traveling. There are two different masturbators, which are smaller than the typical standard cases. It´s the Fleshlight Go and the Aviator. Let´s take a closer look and read our Fleshlight Aviator Review to get the differences between the single toys. I´m quite sure, you´ll love the handy design and the soft and smooth texture of the toys. Ready for the aerodynamically designed toys?

Fleshlight Flight review

What´s new about the Fleshlight Flight crew?

Come with me up in the air and discover all the Fleshlight Flights, to be precise – there are three different models: they call themselves Aviator, Pilot, and Instructor. What a choice of names – they are asking for a flight to new heights! Let´s start with the things in common. The whole crew has aerodynamically designed cases. They are smaller than the regular Fleshlight ones. When you have one of the crew members in your hand for the first time, you will recognize how handy and flattering the toy is. Due to its smaller size, it´s perfect for traveling or store it without lots of space required. Compared to the standard cases, the Flying crew only has an outer length of 8” and an insertable length of 6”.

But nevertheless, the first time you step in the cockpit, you must be prepared for a swift take off, due to the tightness of the sleeve. The sleeve is the next point to mention. Of course, it´s also smaller than the standard sleeves, not suitable for men who are hung like a horse – but for all the other ones.

The sleeves are all made of high quality and out of the patented SuperSkin material. It´s soft and smooth and welcomes your baby every time with its thrilling surfaces.

Fleshlight Aviator, Pilot, and Instructor

Let´s start with the Pilot – he´s the head of the crew. The Fleshlight Pilot is made out of an elegant and appealing black. The shiny dark case is almost like an invitation for taking it into the hand and start the airplane. The orifice has a torqued design, and the sleeves promise an unforgettable and long flight within the cockpit. Perhaps you want to join the Miles and More Club? The texture of the Pilot sleeve will cause some quick heartbeats, but you will enjoy the flight through the storm. The sleeve combines thrillingly pleasurable textures with each other. There are some ribs, fingers, and bumps, which cannot wait to indulge the passenger with a high flying massage.

Additionally, to all three members of the Flight crew, you can opt for a Flight Adapter, which makes it possible to connect your Fleshlight Flight with the Shower Mount. This adapter is necessary because the Shower Mount is only able to hold the standard sizes. Just add the adapter, and you can also fly up in the air while taking a warm and relaxing shower.

The Aviator and the Instructor

Where there is a black one, there also a white one. And with Fleshlight, there´s even a transparent guy, coming along with you traveling all around the world. The Fleshlight Aviator is designed in the same way as the Pilot is, but comes with a clear case and sleeve – perfect for watching every stroke while flying. The shape of the case is again the same as with the pilot, only made of transparent material, for all the voyeurs. The transparent sleeve welcomes you with a numerous amount of pleasure rings. Every single ring pushes you further in the air – that´s what the Aviator is for. Perhaps you like it icy blue, there´s also a combination with a clear case and a blue ice shiny sleeve: the Flight Aviator Blue Ice. And last but not least – the Instructor is waiting for you. The Instructor seems to be the most innocent one – due to its perfect bright and shiny white case. The case also has the ergonomic and smaller Flight design. Think about ordering the Shower Mount Adapter with the Flights! The orifice is in torqued design and the sleeve within – uaah – is waiting with lots of indulging bumps for you. But don´t underestimate the innocent white in combination with the bumps. Perhaps you already dived more in-depth into the world of male masturbators, then you´ve heard about the Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. It leads a minute man with consistent training to the last man standing. And on the inside of the STU sleeve, there are – guess what? – only bumps. Along the whole sleeve just rubbing bumps. They lead to an intensive massage of the penis, and due to regular training, there´s a habituation effect to the bumps, which leads to a prolonged standing in the love play. But – some additional information on the side – let´s come back to the Instructor. The transparent sleeve is also filled with lots of bumps along the way. A perfect opportunity to take your training partner with you while traveling.

The Flight Combos

If you want to opt for a combo, there are several for selection. One of the best-selling combos is the Flight Pilot Shower Pack. It combines the dark Pilot with the Shower Mount, the adapter for the Mount as well as a Fleshlube is already included. It´s beginning to look like it´s a kind of wet flight next time. The next Pack is really recommendable, when traveling a lot and want to take the varieties with you. It´s a combo of the clear Fleshlight Flight Aviator and a transparent Quickshot vantage. The Quickshot is only half the size of a regular masturbator and has got many ways to alternate. Due to its petite size, it´s perfect for a weekend on the go or just for one night out of the home. The Combo also includes an 8 oz Fleshlube and a care and usage instruction.

Last but not least: the large men playground

Perhaps you love having the choice between different toys. There´s the perfect crew waiting for you. Opt for the Clear As Ice Pack and have fun with the following guys: the Flight Aviator, the Go Torque, the Quickshot Vantage, and the Ice Lady. Additionally, there´s an 8 oz Fleshlube included. No matter what option you go for – you guys will have lots of fun during the next flights.

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