Fleshlight Fleshskin Blue Ice Review

The handsome Fleshlight

Perhaps you belong to those who have no experience with any kind of Fleshlight yet. But maybe you want to start right now, right here. Then there are some facts you have to know about masturbators and Co. The Fleshskin Blue Ice is a perfect masturbator for the first experiences with male sex toys. Why? We have got an answer to all your questions; just follow us to the best Fleshlight Fleshskin Blue Ice review ever. 

What´s different to the other Fleshlights?

Usually, every Fleshlight masturbator, no matter if you talk about the Quickshot, the Fleshlight girls or any other Fleshlight product, they all have one thing in common: their composition. They consist of a case, which is available in different colors, such as white, black, and gold or transparent. The second part is the sleeve. The sleeves are made of the unique SuperSkin material, which feels life-like to real skin. To keep it smooth and soft clean every sleeve after the usage, let it dry thoroughly and store it with the lid on top.

Furthermore you can soak your sleeve with sleeve powder to renew it every now and then. The sleeve is available in lots of different versions. Each has got its very own interior design, which leads to various sensations while penetrating the sleeve. The case is available in multiple sizes. If you choose a masturbator with a standard sized case, you can connect it to the Launch, the first interactive sexual experience. All the other non-standard cases aren´t compatible with the Launch experience. When you decide upon building your own Fleshlight you can combine the case and the sleeve according to your wishes. Pick a case and a sleeve and put it into the shopping basket. But what if you don´t want such a huge sex toy, you better opt for a handsome one. Then there are two different options. 

The smallest Fleshlights so far

If you are looking for a small and travel-loving sex toy, then you can decide between a Quickshot and a Fleshskin toy. The Quickshot has a case and a sleeve but is only half the size a standard masturbator is. On the other hand, you can choose a Fleshskin, the first masturbator ever, without a case. It only consists of a smooth and soft SuperSkin sleeve. But the sleeve it a bit different to the regular sleeves. The first thing, which is quite apparent, is the color of the sleeve. It´s made of fresh and icy blue material. But also the entire design is entirely different. The standard sleeves, don´t have an attractive and appealing external design, that´s why they usually disappear in a shiny case. But when you opt for a Fleshskin, you receive a sleeve, which can be used without a case, in a very innovative and unique design. The toy is constructed to use it without a case, only the smooth and soft SuperSkin sleeve by itself. For better handling, there are four finger holes. Just put your fingers through it and use the handles to determine the intensity and speed of your strokes – think of using lube with every masturbator. The masturbator can also be in the lead of your partner. And due to the clear and transparent material, you can watch the aviator flying. The two open ends mean easy and quick cleaning, too. The toy has a size of 5.35” and can perfectly be dried and stored in the storage case. For comparison only, the normal Fleshlight masturbators are 9.75” – double the size of a Fleshskin, due to the sleeve-only composition. 

Try it out!

When you think about buying a sex toy for the first time and don´t want to spend lots of money, then a Fleshskin will be a good choice. It´s small, perfect for storing and taking away while traveling and a really hot toy for minimal costs. The best, besides the price and the storability, is the one-fits-all size.  

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