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FleshPump Review - Is the Fleshlight penis pump the real deal? - Fleshlight Reviewed

FleshPump Review – Is the Fleshlight penis pump the real deal?

The Fleshlight Pump – what’s the secret behind it?

Ever heard about the life-saving sex FleshPump? If you are wondering whether there’s a mechanical way of improving your daily (lucky you!) sex life – the Fleshlight pump is the answer. And when you have already heard about the very successful Fleshlight story and all the teasing toys they offer, you’ve got to know, that there’s a powerful Fleshlight penis pump, too. But what is the Fleshlight FleshPump for and who should use it? Let’s see and get the answers. 

How does the penis pump work?

There are lots of different kinds of penis pumps out there. Guess, the Fleshlight pump is not the only one. Usually, the cases are made of glass or plastic. Some of them need water, but most of them don’t. And no matter if they work mechanically or electrically, the principle behind is always the same. The penis enlarges due to the vacuum, which results within the pump. But, let’s get one step after the other. Always make sure to use the penis pump with the right amount of lube to prevent severe injuries. Never use it dry, it might lead to a painful injury. Put the pump onto the non-erected penis and make sure that no more air from the outside can stream into the pump. Then start generating a vacuum within the case, by pumping or merely pushing the right button, when using an electrical pump. The vacuum within the case will lead to blood streaming into the penis. The erectile tissue gets filled with blood, and that’s why the penis becomes erect. When it’s fully erected, detach the vacuum to remove the penis pump – it’s all the same – with the Fleshlight FleshPump or any other kind of pump. Be aware, that the elastic ring, placed on the penis` base before, remains on the right place. Otherwise, the blood will stream out, and the erection will be history. But when you handle the penis pump in the right way, it’s a safe and secure way for a lasting erection. Now you know about the handling of a penis pump, but who needs such a penis hardener? Well, several indications are using a pump. Let’s take a look.

The medical indication for a penis pump

A classic indication the use of a penis pump is the erectile dysfunction. Although the patients feel some kind of sexual desire, the arousal doesn’t come along with an erection of the penis. Erectile dysfunction can have different types of reasons. Sometimes the erectile dysfunction lasts only for a short amount of time, but sometimes it lasts and comes to a complete loss of the erectility. We talk about having no erection for 6 months in 70% of the tries. You have to know, that getting an erection is a complicated interaction of the vascular system, the nerves, the hormones, and the muscles. Due to its complexity, erectile dysfunction can have several causes. Very often it comes along with Diabetes, coronary heart disease, vascular or neurological disorders. But the dysfunction can be the result of an operation to the pelvis. Furthermore, there are some drugs, causing erectile dysfunction, such as beta blockers, diuretics or antidepressants and many, many more. Take a pill for one disease and getting another for free, bad job, isn’t it? But besides all these medical reasons, too much alcohol, nicotine or stress can also lead to a downturn in bed. But no matter what’s the reason for the erectile dysfunction, it’s best to get a medical examination. The doctor will examine to exclude serious diseases. Perhaps, in the end, he will recommend a penis pump to recover sexual skills. And you can rest comfortably, due to American studies, every second man suffers from erectile dysfunction for a shorter or longer time. Lucky you, when having a penis pump in the nightstand. 

Just for fun – enlarge and endure your friend

But, also if there’s no medical indication for using a penis pump, the FleshPump might become a trusted friend. Use it as a training device, to be prepared for the game of love. Apply the penis pump on a regular base, and your penis will become harder and thicker. Use it right before Due to the additional blood streaming into the erectile tissue, it will come to a contemporary enlarging of the penis. But perhaps, you and your partner are already very experienced using some kinds of sex toys – so why not including the penis pump into the love play. This will be a new and completely different experience for both of you. Think about your partner taking control over your penis pump. This will sure bring a teasing breeze into your bedroom. 

What’s unique about the Fleshlight FleshPump

No matter if you use a penis pump for medical reasons or just for fun, when picking the Fleshlight FleshPump you will get a very comfy type of penis pump. 

The penis pump works, as well as the other ones, by provoking a vacuum inside. The vacuum leads to an increased stream of blood into the erectile tissue. But you don’t have to pump mechanically, there are two buttons on the pump. Press one to build up the vacuum – very comfy in an electrical way, push the other one to release. That’s it. No hooks. Simple and safe. 

When building up the vacuum, the pump will lead to an erection by softly bringing blood into the erectile tissue. The result is an entirely erected penis, and while training regularly, the usage of the FleshPump leads to a firmer, stronger and better performance of the penis. There’s one apparent difference, between regular standard penis pumps, and Fleshlight’s penis pump. The FleshPump uses a vacuum system to enhance the penis, which is driven automatically, it safely, gently and gradually draws blood into the penis. It only has to be handled by two separate buttons, which are for pumping and release. That’s it. No need for clumsy manual pumping with the hand. The system takes it for you. Your task is, sitting back and relax. Some more technical info: the pump has a total size of 13.3” and an insertable length of 8”.

For your safety, there’s a Quick Release Safety Valve.  And, to keep it simple, the device is charged with a USB cable. Always use it with enough lube to prevent severe injuries. To keep your pump ready for use for a long time only use it with the FleshPump Lube. Pick one of the available combos to enlarge and endure your performance. There’s a performance combo, including a pump and a Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit. Or just pick the FleshPump including the FleshPump Lube. Be aware, that the FleshPump Lube is not compatible with other Fleshlight products. There are special lubes, such as FleshLube Fire & Ice.

A simple but efficient way for more extended performance. 

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