Fleshlight Classics Review

Discover the first Fleshlights on the market

Today Fleshlight is the most successful male sex toy and is sold over 12 million times so far. But the story wasn´t always the same. But, on the very contrary it started being quite a stony path. Today the first Fleshlight toys are still sold in the same way they flooded the hungry market in 1997. That´s why we do a Fleshlight Classics review. Up to then the male sex toys were shabby and could only be found in shady sex shops, but it was far from being socially accepted. These facts led Steve Shubin to the idea of developing a brand new male sex toy with a beautiful external appearance. 

And after a quite long time of work, he could proudly present the very first three Fleshlights to the world. These were the Fleshlight Classic Mouth, Butt and Lady. And although they already have some years on the hump, they are still available, as they were in the very beginning. 

The Classic Ones

The first premise was to develop a not as a sex toy looking male sex toy. It should be aesthetic and no longer only available in grubby stores mainly visited by truckers. On the very contrary: the toy should attract people and renew the fire of passion. Self-satisfaction as a part of self-love. No matter if you are in a relationship or not. Only when you have balanced sexual energy, then you can be a caring and loving partner. Otherwise, it won´t work this way. So why not using an appealing sex toy while masturbation? And here came Fleshlight into play with their three models of male sex toys. 

The natural way

To create a really natural and realistic sensation, ILF invented and even patented the SuperSkin surface. A unique surface which gives the impression of feeling like real skin. A characteristic which makes the experience much more realistic than with other plastic or silicone lined toys. If that isn´t enough, they combined the SuperSkin sleeves, as they call it with a really arousing interior design of the sleeve. Every single sleeve is new and provokes a different kind of feeling during the usage. The bestsellers today are the Destroya, the Mini-Lotus, the Super Tight, and the Heavenly sleeve. Four entirely different designs within the Fleshlight. If you want to, you can also combine your very own and individual toy. Just choose case and sleeve individually. 

Lady, Butt, and Mouth

After the development of the SuperSkin texture, the long and unobtrusive cases were staffed with three different orifices, due to the individual preferences of the customers. They could and still can choose between the tree classic orifices: Lady, Butt, and Mouth. And this combo works up to today – and very successful. There are about 12 million copies sold all over the world. Every man wants to have such a not like a sex toy looking sex toy. That´s why today there´s a broad range of different Fleshlight. One for every preference. Soon the company began to cooperate with famous porn stars, who modeled for Fleshlight and gave them an individual and very appealing look.  Today almost every porno star is available as a Fleshlight to carry home with you. But the progress didn´t stop, and so the company transferred the sex toys into a new era of interactive sex toys. Today the Fleshlights are connectable via the Launch to the interactive world and the augmented reality. And the story goes on.

Looking forward to the things yet to come.

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