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Welcome to, the leading guide to the ultimate male product – the Fleshlight.

If you believe this product is too “over the top,” you are wrong. If you believe that a “male toy” just isn’t for you, you are wrong again. Even if you believe you don’t absolutely need this product, you are most likely wrong yet again.

discover the fleshlight

My site provides an in depth analysis on this game changing product to Fleshlight enthusiasts and people who are “on the fence” about purchasing one. The Fleshlight has quite literally changed my thought process about male sex toys. I hope it does the same for you. Read below to see some of the key benefits of using a Fleshlight.

The Best Fleshlight Models

  • Total & Insertable Length: 9.75” / 8.5”

    Orifice: Lady / Discrete

    Sleeve: Patented SuperSkin Sleeve

    Case: Exclusive Gold Case

  • Available Models:


  • Best usage:

    If you want to last longer and take your love-making skills to a new level, check out the Stamina Training Unit™. This masturbator was explicitly designed to train your little buddy to last longer during intercourse.
  • Total & Insertable Length: 9.75” / 8.5”

    Orifice: Lady / Butt

    Sleeve: Touch Texture Sleeve

    Case: Gunmetal Vibro Case

  • Available Models:


  • Best usage:

    The times where vibrators were only for girls are finally gone for good. The Fleshlight Vibro comes with three built-in vibrating bullets which make the experience even more satisfying.

  • Total & Insertable Length: 9.75” / 8.5”

    Orifice: Lady / Butt / Discreet

    Sleeve: Transparent, Textured Crystal

    Case: Ice Clear Case

  • Available Models:


  • Best usage:

    If you want to see the action that is going on inside your Fleshlight while you are using it (or while your partner is using it on you), the Fleshlight Ice is the right choice for you.

  • Total & Insertable Length: 7” / 6.5”

    Orifice: Lady

    Sleeve: Patented SuperSkin™

    Case: Smaller, Lighter, More Compact

  • Available Models:


  • Best usage:

    In case you are traveling a lot and are looking for a descrect, compact and light Fleshlight, take a look at the Go. This model is a smaller version of the original Fleshlight masturbator.

  • Total & Insertable Length: 8” / 6”

    Orifice: Discreet – Non-Anatomic


    Case: Smaller, Lighter, Most Discreet

  • Available Models:

    Aviator Blue Ice

  • Best usage:

    The Fleshlight Flight is made for those who travel a lot and are looking for a very discreet design at the same time. It comes in an aerodynamical design and is very unobtrusive.

As you can see in the table above, there’s a whole variety of different fleshlight models available, and one of the most frequent questions of guys who are looking to purchase their first one is “What is the best fleshlight model for me?”

Well, the answer is that it depends and the one that might be the best fit for you might not be the best model for another person. Ultimately, it drills down to your preferences and your size.

By far one of the most popular fleshlights for sure is the Stamina Training Unit. The reason why this model is so popular is that it addresses men who want to increase their stamina, last longer and become better performers in the bedroom.

Next, there’s the Fleshlight Vibro, which is a class for its own. This model has three lines of ‘ribs’ inside the sleeve which ensure a very intense feeling, and it also vibrates at the same time, which gives this Fleshlight a special touch.

The slogan for the Fleshlight Ice is “See yourself in action,” and this already describes pretty well, what makes this model so unique. The case, as well as the sleeve, is transparent and you can see everything while you enjoy a ride with it.

Fleshlight models - transparent and black

Another model we have listed in the table above is the Fleshlight Go. The target audience of this type are mainly men on the go, who are traveling a lot.

Finally, there’s the Fleshlight Flight. The main characteristic where this model is different than others is that it doesn’t mimic a vagina, but a butt-hole. This type also comes in two variations, the “pilot” and the “instructor.” Both devices are identical besides the color.

To find out which model is the best Fleshlight for you, I highly recommend reading my in-depth reviews of each model here on my website.

Fleshlight Reviews

Like almost every product out there, it is generally a wise idea to read several product reviews. However, the Fleshlight is the one exception. Go ahead – but be warned. Most of the reviews from major media sites like Gizmodo will tell you how awkward of a product this is. In fact, it is for this reason why I didn’t end up purchasing a Fleshlight for a while. I had read several Fleshlight reviews – all that were negative. I had also seen a popular YouTube Fleshlight review, but it turned out to be a really unprofessional video, thus making it impossible to determine if their findings were legitimate or not. As much as I wanted to try the product, I couldn’t bring myself to buying one because of all the negative press it received. Unfortunately, due to these bad Fleshlight reviews, I missed out on this product for a few years. Bottom line: this is the one exception. 

Don’t trust any of these negative reviews out there about the Fleshlight. You need to see for yourself just how good this product is.

Fleshlight Benefits

I have actually received a good amount of emails asking why people should use a Fleshlight instead of other toys for men, a male vibrator or even good ol’ masturbation. This is an excellent question and one that has many points to it. For starters, why not masturbation? Or, what about this: there are a million male sex toys on the market; what makes the Fleshlight so special? Aside from the fact that over five million Fleshlight products have been sold to date, why buy one? Let’s take a look at some of the key Fleshlight benefits:

Complete Control

With the Fleshlight, you are in complete control of the situation. You control the tempo. You control the angle. You control the timing. You control the thrusting level. The Fleshlight will fulfill all of your desires with you in full control.

Enhance Endurance

I have tried many different products and techniques in order to try and enhance my sexual endurance. You see, my stamina was atrocious. I couldn’t last more than three minutes with any partner unless I masturbated beforehand. It was so bad that in 2006, I joined a website called While this website focused mainly on increasing penis size, they also had a ton of resources claiming to help improve endurance. The online classes were terrible and did nothing to improve my timing. Along comes Fleshlight, who have a variety of different Fleshlights with various textures inside. One of their premier products is called the “Stamina Training Unit” (STU). This is not only one of the most sensual Fleshlight products but it also is one of the most popular because it was designed to test and increase your stamina. Feel free to read my full Fleshlight Stamina Training Unit review.

Mimicking the Real Thing

Some of you probably read some Fleshlight reviews saying that the Fleshlight didn’t imitate actual sex at all. This is either misleading at best or a flat out lie at worst. : I will admit it: at first thought, it can seem strange to “have sex” with a Fleshlight. This is why these other reviews were so negative about the Fleshlight – because it was “strange.” However, let me ask you this: is masturbating strange? You do it at least several times a week. Oh, but when it’s a Fleshlight it’s different? How many of you have jerked off while watching porn? All of you? I thought so. So what’s the real difference here between your hand and a male sex machine? Women use vibrators – why can’t we use a male masturbator? That said, this product resembles sex so much that many porn stars have been known to ask to cum inside of it instead of their on screen partner. Go ahead – watch some Fleshlight videos on XVideos or elsewhere. Don’t listen to literal geeks who are paid to write these absurd “reviews.” Let’s listen to the pros in this industry.

The Fleshlight Launch

Avoid Penile Desensitization

Let’s be honest. You, like me, are looking to buy a Fleshlight for several reasons, one of which is because you want something other than your hand (that you’ve been using since age 12 and are naturally tired of using). Here’s the thing: did you know that a shit ton of men actually suffer from a loss of sensitivity in their penis due to masturbation? This happened to me, and here’s my story (and I will gladly confirm it to anyone who wishes to write into me): I got married roughly 9 years ago. The sex was great for the first 3 years. Then we had 3 kids almost back to back to back. Bad mistake. We ended up having sex no more than 30 times over the next (about) 5 years. For those of you who need help with the math, that’s sex once every 2 months at most. During this time, I obviously started to masturbate…a lot. Unfortunately, I ended up enjoying it more than sex. Furthermore, I masturbated so much that my penis got “desensitized” to a vagina. After our third kid, my wife realized that I was unhappy, specifically because we barely had sex the past 5 years. So, she tried jumping on me at every moment. However, when she did, I often would not be able to finish inside of her even after 20 minutes of sex. This is because my penis became too desensitized from masturbation. Moral of the story: if you are masturbating once a day or close to that, stop! It is very difficult to gain sensitivity back in your penis. With the Fleshlight, you won’t have this problem since it literally feels like a vagina inside and does not feel like your hand.

Master Sex

Endurance/stamina is every man’s “wet dream.” However, there is a lot more to sex than stamina. A woman will much rather prefer 5 minutes sex that is “godly” rather than 30 minute sex that is painful or simply terrible. Women come in all shapes and sizes. The same can be said about their vaginas. One woman’s vagina will feel completely different than another’s. Thus, a certain thrust on one woman may not feel good on another. Luckily, Fleshlight has you covered. They offer dozens upon dozens of models. In fact, they have ‘exact molded’ different Fleshlights after various porn stars vaginas. Learn the numerous patterns and become a master of sex. Just make sure to read all of my Fleshlight reviews.

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